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Neighbourhood Plan

Over the past few years, Huntingdon Town Council, along with representatives from the local community, have been working on producing the Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan is based on feedback received from residents during our Community Engagement campaign.

On Thursday 19th September 2019, residents of Huntingdon will have the opportunity to vote on the plan at the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. If the plan receives a majority of 'yes' votes, it will become part of Huntingdonshire's development plan.

Click here to read the full version of the Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan

Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

  • Promote Huntingdon as a place of great potential for investment and opportunity

By promoting the town as an attractive investment for businesses, the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to improve employment opportunities for residents, as well as ensuring residents are served by high quality retail and community facilities.

  • Ensure that the whole community is well provided for, younger and older, and increase a positive sense of community

The Neighbourhood Plan aims to encourage developers to take into account the needs of all Huntingdon residents, and provide suitable facilities.

  • Ensure that the local distinctiveness of the natural, built and historic environments of Huntingdon are conserved and, where possible, enhanced

Huntingdon has a great range of well-loved green spaces, including Castle Hills, Bloomfield Park and Riverside Park. The Neighbourhood Plan aims to safeguard the future of the town's green spaces, and influence how these areas can be further enhanced. The Town also has a rich history which the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to promote and protect. New developments will be encouraged to consider the character of the existing infrastructure.

  • Ensure that the community can travel in and around Huntingdon using a transport infrastructure that is fit for purpose

Traffic was a major point that came up during our community engagement period, so the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to ensure that planning applications will not negatively impact existing transport systems, and will also ideally help to ease current infrastructure problems.

Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area: This is the area that the Neighbourhood Plan policies will affect.

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