Huntingdon Town Council

The Mayor of Huntingdon - Councillor David Cole

Huntingdon's Town Sign

Town Clerk: Philip Peacock
Town Hall, Market Hill
Huntingdon PE29 3PJ

Neighbourhood Plan

Over the past few years, Huntingdon Town Council, along with representatives from the local community, have been working on producing the Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan is based on feedback received from residents during our Community Engagement campaign.

On Thursday 19th September 2019, residents of Huntingdon voted in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum, and the plan received an 87% majority of 'yes' votes. It will now become part of Huntingdonshire's development plan.

Click here to read the full version of the Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan

Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area: This is the area that the Neighbourhood Plan policies will affect.

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