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Huntingdon Town Council are working towards a sustainable Huntingdon

Sustainability and the environment are at the core of Huntingdon Town Council's service delivery. A current project of the Council that encapsulates these focuses is the town's new Crematorium, Cemetery and Depot. Construction of which is due to commence early in the new year.

The initial stage of the project will be in installation of an access road and the levelling and seeding of the new cemetery. The Town Council's Estates Services Team will then be undertaking the planting of trees and hedges, so that they are established before the Cemetery is used as a burial ground in approximately two-years' time.

The Crematorium chapel and buildings will commence construction in the Spring and the Town Council is pleased to announce that the first all-electric, carbon neutral cremator in the UK will be installed, which uses a 'Green Energy' supply. The use of a traditional gas cremator would require the annual planting of 7 acres of trees to offset its carbon footprint.

In addition to the Crematorium and Cemetery, the Town Council will be relocating its current Depot from St Peter's Road, to the rear of the Crematorium. The new facility will take waste heat from the Crematorium via a heat exchanger, to heat the new glasshouses and grow the town's supply of plants for the summer and winter schemes. Rainwater from the Depot and glasshouses will be harvested to water the plants, with solar panels installed on the building to generate electricity, which in turn will charge the battery-operated mowers and equipment.

The composting of flowers, grass cuttings and hedge trimmings will be undertaken on site using an 'eco-green composter', with the compost used across the town's flower beds and for growing plants.


As the local Burial Authority, Huntingdon Town Council is responsible for and manages/maintains the cemeteries in Priory Road and Primrose Lane, along with the closed churchyards across the town.

Burial space is in limited supply and for the last five years the Town Council has proactively searched for additional land to provide a new cemetery but also a new crematorium. This has not been an easy exercise, but plans are moving forward.

Cemetery Development Services Ltd have been commissioned by the Town Council as consultants throughout the planning application process. The planning application included: a new town cemetery accommodating over 2,000 traditional burial plots, a columbarium and mausoleums, a garden of remembrance and natural burial ground. There will also be a bespoke designed chapel, seating up to 120 mourners and the crematorium.

Huntingdon Town Council received planning permission for the Crematorium on 21st January 2019. The rival application from Dignity UK was refused. The closing date scheduled to receive tender documents is 21st June 2019 and following a review it is hoped the contract will be awarded in mid-July. The Crematorium and Cemetery will be located just off Kings Ripton Road in Huntingdon.

To view the Approved Plans please visit and search for ref: 18/01439/FUL

Should you have any questions at any stage of the project, please email or call 01480 411883

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