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Community Grant Scheme

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, Section 137, Huntingdon Town Council sets aside a sum of money each year which can be applied for by local organisations for "purposes, which may bring a direct benefit to their area or any part of it for some or all the inhabitants".

The Town Council's awards are open to established voluntary or community groups, as well as new or informal groups of residents who are or intend to become formally constituted by the date of application.

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for the award of a grant under Section 137 an organisation must:

  • Be established for charitable, benevolent, social, cultural, recreational or philanthropic purposes;
  • Have a constitution, or set of rules, which defines its aims, objectives and operational procedures;
  • Be able to provide a copy of its latest annual accounts and be able to demonstrate that the accounts are checked and signed by a person independent of the group;
  • Have a bank account operated by a minimum of at least two joint signatories

What can be funded?

  • The project should be something which makes the local community a better place in which to live, work or visit
  • It should benefit the people who live in the town
  • There must be clear evidence that local people support the project and are involved in carrying it out
  • Each group may only make one application per financial year
  • Grant awards are capped at a maximum of £500

The following are not eligible

  • Support for individuals or private business projects
  • The running costs of any organisation
  • Projects which are the prime statutory responsibility of other government bodies
  • Projects which improve or benefit privately owned land or property
  • Projects which have already been completed or will have been completed by the time the grant is made.
  • Organisations outside of the town, unless there is a direct benefit to the town
  • Organisations which support or oppose any political party
  • Organisations that discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief or age.

When to apply

The Town Council considers applications twice a year. All applications should be sent to the Town Clerk 14 days prior to the Grants Sub Committee Meeting. Only application forms received by these dates will be considered at the meeting.

Awards will not exceed the agreed annual budget unless the Town Council agrees to make an award under exceptional circumstances.

All groups will be treated equally. If an organisation has had a grant previously, they are not guaranteed to receive financial support again, but are not excluded from applying in a different financial year. A fresh application will be required each time.

How will decisions be made?

All applications will be judged after the closing date. Each application will be assessed on its own merits. The Council will take into account whether the application satisfies the requirements of S137. Applications will be considered by Grants Sub Committee prior to approval at Full Council. Applicants may be required to attend the Grants Sub Committee to answer any questions councillors may have about the items/project.

Unfortunately the Town Council may not be able to fund all projects as there may be more applications than there is money available. Due account will be taken of the extent to which funding has been sought or secured from other sources or the applicants own fundraising activities. The Town Council reserves the right to refuse any application which it considers to be inappropriate, or contrary to the objectives of S137.

There is no right of appeal for unsuccessful applications.

How to apply

Applications should be made in writing and can either be: emailed to or posted to: FAO Grants Officer, Town Hall, Market Hill, Huntingdon, PE29 3PJ

Please email for the application form.