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Applications for interment are usually submitted by undertakers but enquiries, including the purchase of Exclusive Rights of Burial, may be made directly to Huntingdon Crematorium on 01480 410388.

Priory Road Cemetery

This Cemetery was first established in the 1850s and was originally laid out by Robert Hutchinson, a well known Architect at the time. It is dominated by a Victorian Chapel, which is still available for use in connection with local internments. This Cemetery is both the old 'traditional' type, which contains memorials of all shapes, sizes and conditions. There is also an area set aside for 'lawn' burials, where the memorials comprise soley of a headstone. There are no burial plots available at this time.

Primrose Lane Cemetery

This Cemetery is a Lawn Cemetery, which was established in November 1982 and allows only for memorial of the simple headstone type. There is an area for interment of cremated remains in respect of which memorial tablets may either be set flush with the ground or mounted on a memorial wall. There is also a children's section in this Cemetery (for up to age 12), where a little more flexibility is allowed in the type of memorial erected.

North Street Cemetery

This Cemetery was opened in January 1997 and is also a Lawn Cemetery where only headstone memorials are permitted.

Closed Churchyards

Huntingdon Town Council is responsible for maintenance of closed churchyards.

Details of fees for our cemeteries services can be found below.

  • Quadruple fees are charges for non-residents
  • If the deceased (or parents in the case of a child) was a Huntingdon resident and left the town less than one year prior to death then standard fees apply
  • If the deceased (or parents in the case of a child) was a Huntingdon resident and left the town between one and five years prior to death, double fees apply
  • STILLBIRTHS – if mother is Huntingdon resident or ex Huntingdon resident out of the area for less than 5 years – No charge. If non resident then £55 Interment fee applies.
  • Burials should be scheduled between 11am Monday to 12 noon Friday – No burials after 4pm. (exceptional circumstances will be at the discretion of the Town Clerk, when an additional fee may be incurred)
  • No burials may be scheduled on a Tuesday following a bank holiday.

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