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Welcome to Huntingdon Town Council's official website - a prime source of information for both residents and visitors to Huntingdon. We hope that this site is easy to use, and that all the information you require can be easily found.

Huntingdon Town Council represents the tier of local government in Huntingdon that is closest to its electors. Employing just over twenty staff in total, the Town Council consists of nineteen Councillors elected to represent constituents in the town's three wards of Huntingdon North, East and West. 

Town Council meetings take place every six-eight weeks and are presided over by the Mayor, who is elected from among fellow Councillors each year at the Annual Mayor Making ceremony. Consisting of all Councillors, the Town Council's main committees – those of Planning, Finance and Leisure & Community Services – also meet every six-eight weeks to discuss and decide issues relating to the Council's business.

Huntingdon Town Council is a parish Council as defined by the Local Government Act 1972. Services provided by the Council are regularly reviewed to ensure that their delivery is being achieved using public monies in the most efficient way possible. Huntingdon Town Council was the first Council in Cambridgeshire to be granted Quality Council Status in 2003 and retains its status today.

Huntingdon Town Council hosts an Annual Town Meeting in the Town Hall, Huntingdon every April. Agendas and minutes for these meetings can be found here.

A copy of Huntingdon Town Council's Estimates of Income & Expenditure 2015/16 can be viewed here.


Contact Us

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  • Tel. : 01480 411883
  • Fax  : 01480 410388

Huntingdon Town Council
Town Hall
Market Hill
PE29 3PJ

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